About Us

about us

Baseline Tennis

Baseline Tennis is in its core a tennis academy. However we operate differently than any other tennis academy. Through partnerships with private communities and public parks we offer full range of tennis services such as junior development programs, adult tennis, tennis event organization and full tennis facility management and maintenance.

Located in multiple locations in Hudson County Baseline tennis has been serving communities since 2019. Our main goal is to make everyone feel welcomed on the tennis a court and fall in love with the game of tennis. We understand that everyone has different tennis goals, from kids starting out in tennis to recreational players trying to improve their game or high performance players getting ready to compete, we have something for everyone.

Social Impact –

Throughout years of playing tennis we realized that tennis has a very high entry barrier, it is not a sport that many people can pick up on their own and learn as they go. This is why we see so many community courts sitting empty for most of the day and only getting busy in the after-work hours. Through carefully planned events and lessons we strive to expand the time that the courts are used, which will in turn generate revenue that can then be used for improving the community facilities and bring even more people outside to the parks.