Minions (30 min classes)

This stage is the perfect way to introduce kids to tennis. These classes focus on hand eye co-ordination, games and motor skills

Red Ball Stage (30 & 60 min classes)

Red Ball stage uses 25% compression tennis balls and a mini-court, allowing kids to achieve success with modified equipment.

Orange Ball Stage (60 min classes)

Orange Ball Stage introduces kids to almost a full size court and orange balls that are 50% speed of regular tennis balls.

Green Ball Stage(60 min classes)
Green Ball Stage introduces kids to a full size court and ball that are 75% speed of regular tennis balls. 
Baseline Advanced Team (2 hour classes)

BAT is for those high performance players looking to improve. We focus on tactics, matchplay and fitness.

Adult Classes (60 min classes)

Our adult classes are divided into beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate and advanced.

We start beginner classes at the beginning of each month and this is a 4 class course.

Al other adult classes are drop in classes where you can adjust your schedule as you go.